A Peek-Through 4 Nature Picture Book Set By Britta Teckentrup - Age 2-5 - Paperback

Little Tiger

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Titles in this Set:

  1. Moon
  2. Bee: Nature's tiny miracle
  3. Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go
  4. Sea: A World Beneath the Waves


Have you ever wondered why the moon shines in the night-time sky?
As the moon waxes and wanes above, the world below is full of busy night-time creatures; from turtles laying their eggs on white sandy beaches, to migrating birds using the moon to navigate their way to sunnier climes. Turn the peek-through pages to see the moon change shape as it goes through the lunar cycle.

Bee: Nature's tiny miracle
A wonder of nature is about to unfold…
Turn the pages to follow the miraculous little bee and its journey from flower to flower in this delightful peep-through picture book. Brought to life by the lyrical text and stunning artwork from the award-winning Britta Teckentrup, the miracle of pollination will amaze and entertain.

Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go
Explore the beauty of the changing seasons in this timeless peek-through book with beautiful artwork from Britta Teckentrup and accompanying rhyming text. Following the life-cycle of a tree through spring, summer, autumn and winter, children will easily learn to recognise the signs of the seasons with this simple yet striking picture book.

Sea: A World Beneath the Waves
Discover a world beneath the waves that is teeming with life, from tiny graceful seahorses to darting tropical fish and from electric eels to humpback whales. A colourful array of sea creatures is brought to life by award-winning illustrator Britta Teckentrup in this delightful peep-through picture book.

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