Cazalet Chronicles 5 Books Collection by Elizabeth Jane Howard - Adult - Paperback

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Titles in the Set :

1. The Light Years
2. Marking Time
3. Confusion
4. Casting Off
5. All Change

Description :

The Light Years
For two unforgettable summers they gathered together, safe from the advancing storm clouds of the Second World War. In the heart of the Sussex countryside these were still sunlit days of childish games, lavish family meals and picnics on the beach.
Three generations of the Cazalet family. Their relatives, their children and their servants – and the fascinating triangle of their affairs . . .

Marking Time
The sunlit days of childish games and family meals are over, as the shadows of war roll in to cloud the lives of one English family.
At Home Place, the windows are blacked out and food is becoming scarce as a new generation of Cazalet’s takes up the story. Louise dreams of being a great actress, Clary is an aspiring writer, while Polly, is burdened with knowledge and the need to share it.

The long, dark days of struggle provide the poignant background to the third book of the Cazalet Chronicles. As the war enters its fourth year, chaos has become a way of life.
Both in the still peaceful Sussex countryside, and in air-raid-threatened London, the divided Cazalet’s begin to find the battle for survival echoing the confusion in their own lives . . .

Casting Off
The aftermath of war, and the slow dawning of a new era of freedom and opportunity, shape the destinies of the Cazalet’s in the final volume of this magnificent family saga.
Polly, Clary and Louise, now grown up, are ready to discover the truth about the adult world. While Rupert, Hugh and Edward must make the choices that will decide their own and the family s future.
For the Cazalet’s, and all those close to them, one end is another beginning . . .

All Change
It is the 1950s and as the Duchy, the Cazalet’s beloved matriarch, dies, she takes with her the last remnants of a disappearing world of houses with servants, of class and tradition in which the Cazalet’s have thrived.
Louise, now divorced, becomes entangled in a painful affair; while Polly and Clary must balance marriage and motherhood with their own ideas and ambitions.
Hugh and Edward, now in their sixties, are feeling ill-equipped for this modern world; while Villy, long abandoned by her husband, must at last learn to live independently. But it is Rachel, who has always lived for others, who will face her greatest challenges yet . . .
Events converge at Christmas; as a new generation of Cazalet’s descend on Home Place. Only one thing is certain: nothing will ever be the same again.

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