Animal Ark The Pet Rescue Collection 10 Book Box Set by Lucy Daniels - Age 7-9 - Paperback

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Titles in this Set:
  1. Kitten Rescue
  2. Bunny Trouble
  3. Fox Cub Danger
  4. Puppy in Peril
  5. Doggy Drama
  6. Runaway Hamster
  7. Guinea Pig Superstar
  8. The Lonely Pony
  9. Lost Kitten
  10. Llama on the Loose


Kitten Rescue
Animal-mad Amelia is sad about moving house, until she discovers Animal Ark, where vets look after all kinds of animals in need. When they discover some baby kittens, Amelia and her new friend Sam are determined to help. But the kittens need their mum, and she's gone missing! Can Amelia and Sam track her down in time?

Bunny Trouble
Amelia and Sam are on a new animal adventure! There's something wrong with thier friend Izzy's bunny rabbit.

Fox Cub Danger
Amelia and Sam love helping animals. But when they find an injured fox, they have to find new home for a whole fox family.

Puppy in Peril
When a poorly pup comes into Animal Ark vets, no one knows who his owner is, and he needs an operation.

Doggy Drama
Amelia is starring as Dorothy in her school production of The Wizard of Oz and her friend Sam's puppy, Mac, is playing Toto.

Runaway Hamster
Amelia and Sam are helping out at Animal Ark when twin sisters come into the surgery with their pet hamster.

Guinea Pig Superstar
A shy boy at Amelia and Sam's school is using his pet guinea pig to help him make friends - by taking his pet to school!

The Lonely Pony
When Amelia and Sam start taking riding lessons, they meet a homeless rescue pony named Ginger and a big horse named Walnut who keeps throwing off his riders.

Lost Kitten
When Amelia and Sam find a lost white kitten in the wilderness, they can't work out why her behaviour seems different to other cats.

Llama on the Loose
When Amelia and Sam's friend Caleb adopts a new llama, they hope she will become friends with the other two llamas at the petting farm.