Beast Quest 6 Books Series 7 Children Collection Paperback Box Set By Adam Blade

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Beast Quest 6 Books Series 7 Children Collection Paperback Box Set By Adam Blade

Brand New Set

Reading Age : 9+

ISBN : 9781408362587

Author : Adam Blade

Titles In This Set 

  1. Convol the Cold-blooded Brute
  2. Hellion the Fiery Foe
  3. Krestor the Crushing Terror
    Madara the Midnight Warrior
  4. Ellik the Lightning Horror
  5. Carnivora the Winged Scavenger


Convol the Cold-blooded Brute:
Tom and his companions have arrived in a strange new land - Tavania. Wizard Malvel's evil magic has enraged six terrifying new Beasts. To restore harmony, Tom must first face Convol the Cold-blooded Brute in a deadly desert duel...

Hellion the Fiery Foe:
Tom and his companions face a new challenge in the mysterious land of Tavania. Raging forest fires are destroying all in their path. Tom knows a Beast is to blame, but can he defeat Hellion, a creature made entirely of flames, and escape with his life...?

Krestor the Crushing Terror:
Evil Wizard Malvel is steering the land of Tavania towards total destruction. Tom must stop him by defeating six rampaging Beasts and sending them back to their rightful homes. Krestor the Crushing Terror awaits him...

Madara the Midnight Warrior:
A ravenous Beast terrorises the windswept plains of Tavania: Madara the Midnight Warrior is on the prowl! If Tom cannot defeat her, the dark portals over the land will continue to destroy the kingdom...

Ellik the Lightning Horror:
The land of Tavania slips further towards ruin as portals rip the sky and terrible Beasts roam the land. Tom and his companions must now defeat a giant electric eel: Ellik the Lightning Horror!

Carnivora the Winged Scavenger:
In the frozen north, a killer stalks the night - Carnivora the Winged Scavenger! Can Tom rally the people of Tavania to beat Malvel's evil army? If not, the land will be destroyed, and he will never see Avantia again...




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