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Curious George 7 Books Children Collection Paperback By Margret & H Reys

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For curious monkeys everywhere...

Seven books of George's, the little monkey, curiosity-driven adventures!

1. Curious George and the Dinosaur

George is going on a school trip to a museum. But it isn't as much fun as he hopes and he wanders off to explore the exhibits on his own. But when George finds a dinosaur skeleton with a very long tail the day becomes so much more interesting!

2. Curious George Catches a train

George and the man with the yellow hat are at the station to catch a train. The stationmaster is updating the departure board and George wants to help. But when a little boy with a toy engine runs onto the platform towards the wrong train can George save the day just in time?

3. Curious George and the Fire-Fighters

George and the man with the yellow hat take a trip to the fire station, and George finds all sorts of new things to explore. When one curious monkey meets a company of unsuspecting firefighters, a big adventure is sure to follow!

4. Curious George Visits the Library

George and the man with the yellow hat go to the library. George loves books - especially books about dinosaurs- but he also likes books about trucks, elephants, baking cakes and aeroplanes. He finds more books than he can possibly carry but how can he choose his favourites?

5. Curious George Visits a Toy Shop

A new toy shop is opening and George can't wait; but when he finally gets inside, the owner thinks George's antics will be bad for business. Will George's monkey tricks really drive customers away or will he find a way to save the day?

6. Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory

When George and the man with the yellow hat stop at a chocolate factory, George becomes curious about how the chocolates are made. He joins the factory tour but it's not long before he is off investigating on his own...

7. Curious George and the Birthday Surprise

When the man with the yellow hat tells George that he is planning a surprise, of course George is curious. Before long George finds a hat, party blowers, decorations, and games. It must be a birthday. But whose birthday is it? That's the surprise!

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