Young Adult - Haunted Mansion 3 Books Young Adult Collection Pack Paperback Set By Disney Book Group

Haunted Mansion 3 Books Young Adult Collection Pack Paperback Set By Disney Book Group

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Haunted Mansion 3 Books Young Adult Collection Paperback By Disney Book Group

Brand New Set

Reading Age : Young Adult 

Author : Disney Book Group

ISBN : 9789124106843

Titles In This Set

Grim Grinning Ghosts

Midnight at Madame Leota's

The Fearsome Foursome


Grim Grinning Ghosts:
The eerie Amicus Arcane has returned to share more spooky stories from beyond the grave. His frightening fictions begin when three mysterious crates are delivered to the Haunted Mansion. But beware the unearthly artefacts that lie beneath the lids: a petrified piano, a macabre mummy and a demonic door are waiting for you inside. Do you dare return to the Happiest Haunt on Earth for more terrifying Tales from the Haunted Mansion?

Midnight at Madame Leota's:
In this frightfully fiendish book, return to the happiest haunt on earth for more tales from beyond the grave. But take caution! For when the clock strikes twelve, the most mysterious medium of all will establish contact with the other side, and ghastly ghosts will materialise. So read on, if you dare, but beware midnight at Madame Leota's!

The Fearsome Foursome:
Welcome, foolish mortals, to the lonesome library of the Haunted Mansion. In this bone-chilling book, you will read the terrifying tales of the Fearsome Foursome - four kids who try to out-scare each other with frightening fictions of their own. But just wait until they hear my spooky stories. Who am I? I am Amicus Arcane, your librarian and host. Your Ghost Host. So read on... if you dare!

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