Nicola Morgans Teenage Guide 4 Books Collection Set - Age 12-16 - Paperback

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Title in This Set:

1. Blame My Brain
2. The Teenage Guide to Stress
3. The Teenage Guide to Friends
4. The Teenage Guide to Life Online


Blame My Brain
Contrary to popular (parental) opinion, teenagers are not the lazy, unpleasant louts they occasionally appear to be. During the teenage years the brain is undergoing its most radical and fundamental change since the age of two. Nicola Morgan's carefully researched, accessible and humorous examination of the ups and downs of the teenage brain has chapters dealing with powerful emotions, the need for more sleep, the urge to take risks, the difference between genders and the reasons behind addiction or depression. The revised edition of this classic book contains important new research, including information on mirror neurons and their effect on the teenage brain.

The Teenage Guide to Stress
Don’t look like this squeezeball! Beat all the stuff that gets on top of you. Being stressed is not fun. But it can feel like teenage life is just one massive stress machine. Let’s see. Hormones. Body changes. Exam pressure. School bullies. Fitting into a changing family. First relationships. Online life. Just for starters. Adults moan that they’re stressed, and they don’t even have to deal with half this stuff. But don’t stress about it – just read this quick and easy guide to letting go, written by Nicola Davies.

The Teenage Guide to Friends
Friendships and peer groups can cause problems and upsets in your teenage years.
People can be confusing - until you understand how different personality traits, stresses and emotions affect their behaviour. Yours, too! The Teenage Guide to Friends is for anyone who wants to know how friendships work, and what to do when they don't. In this book you'll find advice on how to make and keep friends, as well as positive strategies to help you through the tough times and make you feel more confident.

The Teenage Guide to Life Online
The internet is part of our daily lives - most of us check our phones far more often than we'd care to admit. We love our little devices... but too much time online can lead to stress, over-sharing, low self-esteem, loss of concentration and may expose us to online abuse. Award-winning author Nicola Morgan provides a balanced and well-researched look at what happens to us all, young and old, when we spend time on our screens; the wonderful positives and worrying negatives. This book will empower you to take control of your time online - to keep it from controlling you!

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