Princess Disgrace 4 Books Collection - Age 4+ - Paperback by Lou Kuenzler

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Reading Age : 0-5

Author : Lou Kuenzler

ISBN : 9781407177632

Titles in this set:

    1. First Term at Tall Towers
    2. Second Term at Tall Towers
    3. Third Term at Tall Towers
    4. Winter Term at Tall Towers


    Princess DisGrace: First Term at Tall Towers 

    Princess Grace is anything but graceful. Her clumsiness gets her in all sorts of trouble. But now Grace is starting at Tall Towers Princess School - she can learn to be a proper princess at last! At her new school she must make new friends and learn the rules. Most importantly, she must pass her first test: she must learn to train her unicorn.

    Second Term at Tall Towers

    A second, illustrated adventure starring Princess Grace - who is anything but graceful! After all the adventures of her first term at Tall Towers, Grace is sure that she's well on her way to becoming a perfect princess at last. If only she could think of a skill to perform at the talent competition...

    Third Term at Tall Towers

    It is summer and Clumsy Princess Grace is back at Tall Towers Academy for her third term. As the sun shines bright on Coronet Island, Grace is desperate to leap into the beautiful shell-shaped pool for swimming lessons - with real mermaids! But her best friend Scarlet is no so sure. She is terrified of the water and begins to act very strangely. As Grace follows her to the beach one moonlit night, an enchanted mermaid mystery begins to unravel. With the help of dolphins, jewels and secrets from long ago, can Grace protect her friend and save a mermaid too?

    Winterterm at Tall Towers

    Princess Disgrace: Winterterm at Tall Towers It's winter term and Grace and her friends are learning to ice skate on the frozen lake. Everyone is excited because best skater will be chosen to star in a special performance alongside famous ice dancer Glacier Blizzard. But the celebrated ice dancer is not all that she first seems. Can Grace save the school from a frosty fate?

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