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Roald Dahl The Plays 6 Books

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A 6 book collection of Roald Dahl's plays adapted by David Wood

1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

You are invited to step inside Willy Wonka's Marvellous Chocolate Factory! Chocolate rivers, everlasting gobstoppers, gum that tastes of a whole three-course meal...there are wonders galore in store! Which role will you take on? from sprightly old Grandpa Joe to spoiled Veruca Salt or lucky little Charlie himself, there's a part for everyone! Watch out for the handy tips on staging, costumes and props, and immerse yourself in the gloriously delicious chocolate factory and the adventures the children have there.

2. Fantastic Mr Fox

Clever Mr Fox and his family, with the help of their friend Badger, are eager to outsmart the terrible farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean. Whose shoes will you step into? With bonus tips on staging, props and costumes, this dramatization of Roald Dahl's classic story is the perfect way to bring to life the twisting underground tunnels and mischievous animals of Fantastic Mr Fox's wood.

3. James and the giant peach

It's your chance to become the brilliant James as he sets off on an incredible adventure inside a giant peach! Step into the many shoes of the Centipede, impart the wisdom of the Old Green Grasshopper or join the troop of peculiar Cloud Men. Perfect for performing at school or at home, this book includes handy tips on staging, props and costumes to help you bring Jame's story vibrantly to life.

4. The BFG

What phizz-whizzing fun! Here's your chance to step into the shoes of the BFG, Little Sophie and all the Horrible Giants. From the steps of Sophie's orphanage to the frightening wasteland of Giant Country and the magnificence of Buckingham Palace, these dramatizations of The BFG, with tips on staging, props and costumes, are all you need to bring the magical adventure to life.

5. The Twists

Would you make Mrs Twit eat a wormy spaghetti, or stick a frog in Mr Twit's bed? Or maybe you'd channel the brilliance of muggle-wump the monkey? There's a part to suit everyone in the hilarious dramatizations of Roald Dahl's The Twits, with lots of useful ideas about costumes, props and sound effects to help bring the action off the page. Watch out for the greatest prank of them all - the great upside-down trick!

6. The Witches

Bring to life the exciting and terrifying adventures of a boy, his grandmother and the Grand High Witch of All the World! The dramatizations of Roald Dahl's witchiest tale, complete with tips and tricks for staging, costumes and props, are perfect for performing at home or at school. Will you play one of the terrifying witches, all bald-headed and square-toed>? Perhaps you'll be the grandmother, weaving creepy tales of woe? Or will you embrace the hero within and become the boy himself?

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