The American Classics Children's Collection 10 Books Set By Gemma Barder, Lynne Wilson-Bailey - Ages 7-11 - Paperback

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Titles In This Set:

1. The Great Gatsby
2. Little Women
3. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
4. Moby Dick
5. The Call of the Wild
6. The Age of Innocence
7. The Portrait of a Lady
8. Rip Van Winkle
9. Twelve Years a Slave
10. The Last of the Mohicans


The Great Gatsby
Nick Carraway has moved to start a new life in New York. His neighbour is the mysterious Gatsby – a man who seems to have everything. But the thing he desires above all is his lost love. Daisy leads a joyless married life but will she be willing to leave it behind for Gatsby?

Little Women
The March sisters are living through tough times. Their father is off at war, money is scarce and the eldest sisters must work to support their mother. Their poverty creates hardship to be overcome. But will the girls grow to find richness of spirit as well as material wealth?

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Huckleberry Finn is desperate for another adventure – but his nasty father returning to steal him and his money away is not what he had in mind. Huck runs away and discovers that a slave, Jim, is also trying to escape the town. The two make good friends – but will they find the freedom that they both desire?

Moby Dick
Ishmael is looking for work at sea and joins Captain Ahab and his crew aboard the magnificent ship, the Pequod. Here Ishmael hears stories of the dangerous white whale – Moby Dick. When Ahab seeks revenge on the creature that took his leg, will the crew survive their fateful encounter? Or will this be another cautionary tale to be passed through the ages?

The Call of the Wild
Buck, a wealthy judge’s dog, leads a quiet life until he is kidnapped, sold and taken to the freezing north. Forced to become a sled dog, Buck learns to love the harsh, natural world. When the time comes, will he return to his former life as a pet, or will he embrace the call of the wild?

The Age of Innocence
Newland Archer is a respectable man from a respectable family, comfortable in New York society. So when his wife’s cousin Ellen returns to America, planning to divorce her husband, gossip about the family starts to spread. As Newland spends more time with Ellen a friendship between them grows. But this friendship will put both his social status and his marriage on the line.

The Portrait of a Lady
Isabel Archer has left her home in America to travel around Europe. Fiercely independent, Isabel expects to find adventure, but she certainly doesn’t expect to find love. Meeting Gilbert Osmond in Italy changes everything. But is there more to this charming man than meets the eye? And will the life Isabel has found truly be the one she wants?

Rip Van Winkle
Rip is content with his quiet life. But his wife is far from happy with his laziness and lack of ambition. Then one night, Rip falls asleep in the mountains and wakes up to find many years have passed and his village has changed. In a world that has quickly moved forwards, what future awaits a man who was happy to stand still?

Twelve Years a Slave
Solomon Northup is a free man in New York, until he is betrayed and sold into slavery. Snatched away from his wife and children, Solomon dreams of breaking free and returning to them. But with no way of contacting loved ones or proving that he is a free man, will Solomon ever escape his chains?

The Last of the Mohicans
When their father’s military fort comes under attack, Cora and Alice embark on a dangerous journey through the American east to reunite with him. But the sisters cannot make it alone. Among their new allies are Hawkeye, a European soldier who has chosen to live among Native Americans, and Chingachgook and Uncas: the last members of the Mohican tribe.