Wigglesbottom Primary Series 6 Books Collection By Pamela Butchart - Ages 7-9 - Paperback

Nosy Crow

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Titles in This Set :

1. The Toilet Ghost
2. The Shark in the Pool
3. The Magic Hamster
4. Super Dog
5. The Classroom Cat
6. Break-Time Bunnies

Description :

The Toilet Ghost
Life at Wigglesbottom Primary is often lived on the edge. A class talent show becomes a thing of great mystery and intrigue, when it turns out that Jacob Barry's stinky shoe can PREDICT THE FUTURE! Or filled with peril when the boys' toilets become HAUNTED!

The Shark in the Pool
Is there a shark in the local swimming pool? YES! Can playing with the class parachute make you invisible? YES! Are there dinosaur bones buried in the playground? YES! What are 2F going to do about.

The Magic Hamster
Three more stories of primary school mayhem as 2F set out to solve the real mysteries of life. Does the classroom hamster have magic

Super Dog
Is that a superhero dog on the school roof? YES! Is the lunchtime mashed potato really, really weird? YES! Does Susie Keys own an alien egg? YES

The Classroom Cat
Is the Classroom Cat trying to tell them something! YES! Can eating a puddle crisp make you ill? YES! Can Class 2R cure PUDDLE-POX? YES! Is Imaginary.

Break-Time Bunnies
All is chaos in Year 2! An unexpected visitor, a bewitched violin and an invasion of bunnies! What can it all mean??

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