Wipe & Clean 10 Workbooks Children Collection Paperback Best Gift Set Pack

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Wipe & Clean 10 Workbooks Collection Pack Paperback Best Gift Set For Children
Brand New Set
Reading Age : 2+
ISBN : 9781783414567
Format : Paperback
Titles In This Set
1) Everyday Maths
2) Number Skills
3) Lowercase Alphabet
4) Numbers
5) Phonics
6) Times Tables
7) Telling The Time
8) Tracing And Pen Control
9) Tricky Words 
10) Uppercase Alphabet
Wipe and Clean Workbook Collection by Piddy Books. Titles in the set are: Lowercase Alphabet, Uppercase Alphabet, Numbers, Tracing and Pen control, Phonics, First Number skills, Tricky words, Everyday math, Telling the time, Times tables. Lowercase and Uppercase Alphabet - An introduction to lowercase and Uppercase letters with practical exercises. Numbers and First Number skills- An introduction to numbers 1 to 20 and introduction to First numeracy skills using number bonds with practical exercises to do many times over. Tracing and Pen control an introduction to tracing and pen control with practical exercises to do many times over. Phonics and Ticky Words - An introduction to phonics and frequently used tricky words with practical exercise to do many times over. Everyday Math, Telling the time and Times Table. Introduction to maths with practicle exercises to do many time over.