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Anne Digby's Trebizon Boarding School 5 Books Collection Set Paperback New Pack


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First Term at Trebizon 

New girl Rebecca Mason arrives at Trebizon, the famous boarding school, after everyone else has already made friends. Lonely and anxious to prove herself, Rebecca writes something for the school magazine, which unexpectedly triggers a row and half the school turns against her. Luckily, she discovers she has friends after all, the best friends any new girl could hope for.   


Second Term at Trebizon 

Its only the start of Rebecca Masons second term at Trebizon School, and she is already caught between her two closest friends. Why is Tish trying to stop Sue from becoming the captain of the hockey team? And why is she suddenly so keen for Sue to concentrate on the music scholarship? Can Rebecca solve the mystery of Tishs strange behaviour, or will the friendship be ruined forever?   


Summer Term at Trebizon 

Rebecca has never been good at maths. If she doesnt improve, shell go into a different class next year and be separated from Tish and Sue and the rest of her friends, but the new young maths teacher is no help at all. Only the excitement of a sponsored surfing competition can distract her. But when the money raised goes missing, can Tish, Sue and Rebecca solve the mystery?   


Boy Trouble at Trebizon 

Its a new year at Trebizon boarding school, and Rebecca is excited about seeing her friends and playing tennis. Theres even a chance that she might be good enough to get into the countys junior squad. But then her friend Tishs brother is accused of stealing a car. The friends are determined to solve the mystery and clear his name, but it turns out that Rebeccas the only one who can help him and it might cost her the squad place that she wants so much . . .   


More Trouble at Trebizon 

Its the beginning of the spring term at Trebizon with more new freedoms, but not for poor Mara! Her tycoon father, convinced shes going to be kidnapped, has sent her back to school with a bodyguard. Maras furious but could she really be in danger? When she suddenly disappears, her friends are bewildered. This looks like it could be their most challenging mystery yet.   

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