Bing Story 5 Pictures Books Children Collection Paperback Set By Ted Dewon

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Dressing Up

Bing and Coco are playing at dressing up. When they both want to wear the only crown, and SNAP it breaks, can Flop find a way to save the day? With a wonderful story, based on the TV series, this book is great for all Bing fans! Dressing up its a Bing thing!

Hide and Seek

Bing and his friend are playing hide and seek in this charming book based on the hit TV series. Playing hide and seek is lots of fun, but should Bing have joined the toilet train before he decided to hide? Oh dear. Don't worry Bing, it's no big thing!

Looking After Flop

Flop isn't feeling well, so Bing decides to look after him. He helps Flop get comfy on the sofa, reads him a story and even makes him a honey and lemon drink. But then uh-oh!  things start to go wrong. The drink tips all over the floor and makes a mess and Bing is upset that, despite all his efforts, Flop still isn't well. But Flop helps Bing clear up and tells him its no big thing and just a hug from Bing will make him feel better.

Big Slide

Bing and Pando are visiting the park in this wonderful storybook, based on the hit TV series. Woohoo! There's a new climbing frame in the park. It has a tunnel and a bridge and a slide. A very high slide. Will Bing be brave enough to slide down the very high slide? Trying something new it's a Bing thing!

Where's Hoppity?

Bing and Flop have taken Hoppity Voosh to the park. But Hoppity gets forgotten. Can Bing find his most favourite ever toy again? With a wonderful story, this book is a delight for all Bing fans. Finding Hoppity its a Bing thing!