Nora Roberts Dream Trilogy Collection 3 Books Set - Fiction - Paperback


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Titles in This Set:

1. Daring To Dream
2. Holding The Dream
3. Finding The Dream


Daring To Dream
Margo Sullivan has always dreamed big. The beautiful and spirited daughter of a housekeeper, Margo grew up on the beautiful Templeton estate and longs to earn that luxury for herself. Stealing away to Europe, she finds wealth and fame as a supermodel. But when her world crashes down in scandal, she comes home to the arms of her childhood friends Kate and Laura.

Devastated and broke, Margo must find a way to rebuild her life. Then, unexpectedly, the long dormant passion between her and Laura's older brother Josh heats up. Can she dare to dream again?

Holding The Dream
From the outside Laura Templeton’s life looks charmed: the daughter of a wealthy family, married to the man of her dreams and the mother to two beautiful daughters. But her dreams are short-lived, and it all collapses when Peter doesn’t prove to be the kind of husband or father material Laura has dreamed of.

With her best friends, Margo and Kate, recently married and starting their own families, Laura feels isolated. Then her brother’s friend, bad boy Michael, asks to rent her stables and she reluctantly agrees. Laura finds him disturbingly attractive, but Michael is a man who has never stayed long with any project or commitment. Dare she lay her heart open once again?

Finding The Dream
Orphaned at an early age, Kate Powell has always worked hard, determined to prove herself to the aunt and uncle who raised her. But when she is wrongly accused of fraud, her whole world falls apart.

Usually strong, Kate withdraws and refuses to fight the charges. While her friends and family rally around her, it is hotel expert Byron De Witt who realises just how much she is struggling. Kate has vowed never to trust him - and she is nothing like the women Byron usually finds attractive. But something about her gets to him. He's determined to help Kate open up, rediscover herself and clear her name.

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