The Complete Bronte Sisters 8 Books Children's Collection Set (Easy Classics) By Stephanie Baudet - Ages 7-11 - Paperback

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Titles In This Set:

1. Jane Eyre
2. Wuthering Heights
3. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
4. Agnes Grey
5. The Professor
6. Shirley
7. Villette
8. The Life of the Bronte Sisters


Jane Eyre
Plain and poor, Jane Eyre has always been treated unkindly. Her aunt and cousins despise her, and her school is cruel. One day, Jane sets out on her own to be a governess at Thornfield. Here Jane meets Mr Rochester, the serious master of the house. And there is a strange, eerie laughter coming from the attic …

Wuthering Heights
Many years ago, a young homeless boy was taken in at Wuthering Heights. Older now, Heathcliff is set on revenge, and destroying everybody around him. And there is a lonely ghost roaming the moors, who is determined to be reunited with her lover …

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
A mysterious woman has arrived at Wildfell Hall. Unmarried and living alone, she is the subject of whispers and rumours. Where has she come from? Where is her husband? Gilbert is determined to find out about this secretive woman. And, when he gets her journal, he finally has the chance …

Agnes Grey
Everything has changed for Agnes Grey. When disaster strikes and her family loses what little money they have, she leaves home and takes a job as a governess. In her new town, she meets the handsome and gentle Mr Weston. But her new master and mistress do not respect her, and her happiness is the last thing on the minds of the selfish and disruptive children she is teaching ...

The Professor
Penniless and rejected by his cruel brother, William Grimsworth travels to Belgium to start a new life. He becomes a professor and grows close to a young teacher he starts
tutoring. But the girls in his class are determined to make trouble and his new friend
suddenly leaves the school without a word ...

Caroline Helstone cannot believe that the bright and funny Shirley wants to be her friend. Recently heartbroken, Caroline's friendship with the young woman is just what she needs. But when new cotton mill machinery arrives in the village and people's jobs are threatened, they become increasingly unhappy and desperate. Unrest is brewing ...

Lucy Snowe has suffered enough loss and misery to fill a lifetime. When she moves to Villette and becomes a teacher, she hopes she can finally find happiness. Here, long-forgotten people and memories surface from her past. But Lucy finds that falling in love isn't straight-forward. And she keeps running into a ghostly nun that haunts the school grounds

The Life of the Bronte Sisters
Brought up in the lonely Yorkshire moors, Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë are poor
and motherless. Charlotte is strong and longs to travel, Emily is shy and prefers the company of animals over people, and Anne is the gentlest of them all. Despite their differences, all three sisters have big imaginations and even bigger dreams. And all are
determined for their voices to be heard.

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